3 Hikes in 3 Weeks

Went on a little hike last week and never posted an update.  We had quite a hike as the holidays have definitely gotten me out of shape.  It was a wonderful day, a little sunny in the lower 70s with a light breeze.  We went up Douglas springs trail and looped around and came down Garwood trail.  There was a surprising amount of wanter and we stopped to eat lunch by a running stream.

The following weekend went on a new trail, Hope Camp Trail.  This was a nice hike on an old road back to some old Wind mills and cattle areas.

This last weekend we went to Garwood dam.  It was a nice overcast day and there was water up higher.  We ate cheese and crackers at the damn.  Alex also got to explore Wildhorse Canyon which is right behind the damn.  He also got to test to see if the marketing people calling his boot waterproof was true.  As it turns out, they were… at least up to his socks :)

Bisbee 1000

What a weekend!  Last year I did the Bisbee 1000.  I was disappointed in my result and set a goal to improve my time.  I am happy to say that I did!  I finished in 1 hour and 17 minutes!  You can see my stats HERE.  Not only was I proud of how I did, but my whole family!  Alex (now 10) finished in 59 minutes!  Allison (14) finished with me and Nickie just behind.  WOW!  After the killer stairs (1034 of them!) we felt pretty good, much better then last year.

Beyond the race we had a great time.  We stayed at the Gym Club Suites, a nice big room with a full kitchen and a beautiful view from the balcony (see pic below).  The kitchen allowed us to avoid those lines from the massive influx of people into this tiny Bisbee Arizona town.  Had some good ice cream at a little shop, found some used books and simply relaxed the rest of the weekend.  Sunday got up late and ate at the Breakfast Club of Bisbee nd with a full satisfied belly headed home.

Next year… less then an hour!

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Aspen Draw hike

Aspen Draw.  Sounds peaceful and somehow slow.  It’s not.  We started off at the Sky Valley parking lot on a trail we thought would be fairly easy.  We were mistaken.  We have decided that pop’s plans will now be reviewed by the group. To his defense it did not look bad on paper.  Tale a Look at the elevation changes in the pictures.  The hike itself was awesome, real forest that was green.  Sunday morning and little traffic, maybe a little warmer then I would have liked but still close to perfect. I also got to try out my new REI convertible pants (Converted into shorts at this time).  I really liked them.  Very light and comfy.  I was impressed.

Once up Aspen Draw we hiked up to the fire tower for some of the best views I have seen.  This place is great… though I would NOT want to be there in a storm, as the large lightning rod on the cabin attests to.  While there we stopped for lunch.  We had a nice little layout with cheese, crackers and a little wine (non for Alex!).  Good thing we had the hiking wine glasses, would not want to look less than sophisticated up there.

The way back was TOUGH.  From the Lemmon Rock lookout back up to the Aspen Draw trail really kicked my but!  Maybe a little less wine next time.  The hike back down Aspen Draw was just as nice as up.  Shady and cool.

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Hiking on Mt Lemmon

So with Nickie and Allison out hiking the Great Mall of America, Alex and I decided to hike up in the (cooler) mountains.  We rounded up pops and headed for Marshal Gulch.  We hiked up Marshal Gulch trail to Marshall Saddle.  It was beautiful and very wet with all the recent rains with cloud cover and a temperature of about 75.  A newly fallen tree blocked part of the trail, but we made it around (actually under) it and continued.

At the top of the trail is an intersection of about 5 different trails.  We decided to head down Mint Springs trail.  It is less traveled and was pretty overgrown with ferns and some nasty plants with some pretty large thorns.  This made it uncomfortable so we turned back.  From the intersection again we headed down Aspen Trail.  This had some awesome views.  Even with a little bit of rain I had a great time.  The views were awesome, Alex was really going strong and it was just nice to be out there again.

Coming down Aspen trail is pretty step.  Near the bottom there are large groves of Aspen, hundreds upon hundreds of trees.  Parts you could not see 5 feet into them.

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You know you are in Arizona when…

You wash your hands… dry your hands… put on Sunscreen :)

Fathers Day adventures

This past weekend I had a great fathers day. I have been a bit busy and have not shared with you all what I did. So here it is, complete with some pictures.

First, Nickie and the kids took me to Phoenix for a Diamondbacks game. That’s all I will say about the game, but the nachos were good. For dinner we went to the Brazilian Bull. A little fancier then I am use to and not a place for kids but the meat was fantastic. I mean how do you make simple ham taste so good? And the sausage…mmmm.

The following day we went to a little Fathers day event at the Reid Park zoo. It was outstanding. Relaxed and mellow with enough time to eat (buffet by Texas Roadhouse) and mill around to check out the animals. It was a great way to wind down the weekend! Perfect.

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Thanks Nickie, Alex and Allison. You made this weekend great. I appreciated it and felt really loved.

A shorts changing moment

That would be my last jump :)


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